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SKODA SUPERB 2017 y., 109 672 mileage,km AL-21-6/6502 KHS
SKODA SUPERB 2017 y., 109 672 mileage,km AL-21-6/6502 KHS
681,816 UAH 18,333 $
Not available
Mercedes-Benz Atego 1222L  2010 y. mileage,km 193468,1  № 3673
Mercedes-Benz Atego 1222L 2010 y. mileage,km 193468,1 № 3673
2,183,458 UAH 54,167 €
Not available

Commercial vehicle

Looking for a business car it is important to pay attention to a whole range of characteristics such as price, reliability, and durability. Buying a new car is not an economical decision, especially when you just starting your business. More profitable will be to buy a used commercial vehicle, which was already used on Ukrainian roads and in a specific area of ​​entrepreneurship. PACK-TRADE company offers popular cars for business, which have been tested and adapted to various conditions.

Which commercial vehicle to choose?

At our company, you can buy Renault Kangoo 2014-2015 manufacture years, with 150 - 200 thousand km mileage, in excellent condition and with a full inspection. These cars were considered to be the best commercial vehicles in Europe for 17 years. Renault Kangoo for business it is: 

  • economy. Renault Kangoo is popular as one of the best models in terms of fuel costs;
  • security. Renault Kangoo has received worldwide recognition for reliability
  • versatility. Such a car could make the transportation of luggage up to 800 kg;
  • the optimal ratio of passenger and load space;
  • well designed luggage compartment for transporting various products, including those on pallets;
  • low maintenance costs.

This model is ideal for business trips or regular trips within a city or country. A reliable used car is a profitable solution for the development of your business. "PACK-TRADE" provides the following partnership advantages: 

  • comprehensive diagnostics of vehicles, an objective evaluation of condition and verification of the mileage;
  • legality - the sale of each car is transparent, you can get any information and make sure that it is fully ready for work;
  • the opportunity to make a test drive 
  • the optimal price range for current models.

It is much profitable to buy a used car at PACK-TRADE company than to search for a similar one on online market or auctions. Any information about the characteristics, test drive, and cost you can get calling (067) 411-44-10.