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Road machinery rental

Our activities

Asphalt milling

Asphalt milling

We use effective cold milling technology

Asphalt pavement installation

Asphalt pavement installation

We use only the latest construction and repair technologies in compliance with all regulations

Asphalt pavement compaction

Asphalt pavement compaction

We are strongly focused on the final stage of formation the road surface, as insufficient compaction leads to the destruction of the road.

Pavement milling

Pavement milling

Milling machines for skid steer loaders are used for removing road surfaces with complex geometry and contouring of repaired road sections.

Our capabilities

Asphalt pavers

Asphalt pavers

Продуктивные модели ABG TITAN, VOGELE SUPER и другие с особыми эксплуатационными параметрами

Milling machines

Milling machines

Широчайший спектр немецкой техники Wirtgen с различной глубиной снятия старого слоя и шириной реза до 2 метров

Road rollers

Road rollers

Высокопроизводительные легкие и тяжелые агрегаты Ammann, Bomag, Dynapac, Hamm для работы с асфальтобетонными, щебеночными, песчано-гравийными смесями

Motor graders

Motor graders

Машины для любых видов работ с шириной отвала до 4 метров

Skid steers with mulchers

Skid steers with mulchers

We offer cost-effective solutions for road works: demarcation, milling of walls and tunnel, slope profiling.

Our advantages

Always available more than 90 units of machinery

Highly skilled operators

Delivery all over Ukraine

Continuous operation

Free repairs

Photos/videos of the work

Rent of road construction machinery in Ukraine

Rent of road construction machinery is a very popular service in Ukraine. For a single long-term project, it is more profitable to rent a forklift, road milling machine, road roller, or grader rather than to buy expensive equipment. "Pack-Trade" offers a rental of road construction machinery and qualified specialists for performing different works. Road construction machinery in some cases with additional attachments is widely used for planning work, the arrangement of the roadway, as well as its repair.

Asphalt paver rental

Based on global experience in repair, restoration, and paving, we offer the best-in-class Vögele Compact and Universal asphalt pavers. Small, but maneuverable machines are capable of laying asphalt anywhere - on highways, on circular roads, on urban roads, and compact sites. The ABG asphalt paver (Volvo), used in small and medium-sized construction projects, is also characterized by maximum flexibility.

Road roller rental

We offer static and vibrating road rollers of various types and configurations. Ammann, Bomag, Dynapac, Hamm rollers are designed for:

  • Lightweight two-roll for soil compaction and patchwork.
  • Pneumatic tire road rollers for the highest compaction quality 
  • Heavy articulated twin roll road rollers for optimum sealing and even compaction 
  • Single drum road rollers for work in loose soil, on steep climbs, on large sites, or when building roads inside/outside the city.

Road milling machine rental

More than 80% of European roads are repaired and built using road milling machines. We use Wirtgen cold milling technology which has many advantages:

  • fast and efficient cutting of asphalt and concrete pavements compared to hot milling;
  • layer-by-layer cutting;
  • the ability to create trenches and grooves;
  • the possibility of re-using the granulate by mixing with new asphalt;
  • minimum fuel consumption;
  • environmental safety.

In Pack-Trade company you can rent a cold milling machine with a cutting width of up to 2 meters.

Motor grader rental

Motor grader has many important characteristics - excellent maneuverability, high productivity, powerful plow, mobility, and versatility. It has a wide sphere of application - 

  • leveling and profiling of the asphalt road;
  • cleaning, digging channels, and ditches;
  • grading of slopes, cuts, and embankments;
  • cut of the soil of a given thickness;
  • work with drainage channels;

Renting a motor grader is an excellent solution for utilities, industrial construction projects.

Rent of a mounted road milling machine

Our company also offers loaders and attachments for rent. It is designed for the preparation and milling of the roadway, creating noise markings, noise lines, milling walls, and inclined surfaces, patching, trimming asphalt around hatches, as well as along curbs. Together with a compact mini-loader, such a device easily copes with the above tasks.

Pack-Trade team has many years of experience in the road construction industry.

Our task is to optimize the organization and process of your projects. Our advantages - 

  • We promptly respond to the client's request
  • Asphalt pavers, road rollers, cutters, motor graders are always in excellent technical condition and ready for intensive use.
  • We provide skilled specialists.
  • We have in stock highly specialized equipment to perform special tasks.
  • We guarantee the absence of incidental expenses.
  • We work all over Ukraine.

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Road machinery rental: frequently asked questions

🧯 Where in Ukraine it is possible to rent Wirtgen cold milling machine?

Pack-Trade company, in Zhytomyr, provides rental services of road equipment, such as Wirtgen cold milling machines with a milling width up to 2 m. 

🧯 Which kind of road machinery it is possible to rent in Pack-Trade company?

Pack-Trade offers a road roller, road milling machine, an asphalt paver, a motor grader for rent all over Ukraine.

🧯 What is the best milling machine?

Сold milling machine Wirtgen is the best solution for road construction projects.

🧯 How much does the rent of road machinery cost?

The cost of road machinery rental depends on the number of shifts, kind of the work, and the need to involve additional personnel.

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