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Load capacity

  • kg
  • 1000

Lifting height

  • m
  • 2

Year of manufacture

  • year
  • 1995
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Электрический штабелёр W12/36 № 1222 Available


Load capacity - 1200 kg
Lifting height - 3.6 m
Year of manufacture - 2017 year
7800 € more information
Электрический штабелёр Linde L14 № 1458 Available

Linde L14

Load capacity - 1400 kg
Lifting height - 4 m
Year of manufacture - 2005 year
Brand - LINDE
7000 € more information
Электрический штабелёр BT HWE 100 № 1459 Available

BT HWE 100

Load capacity - 1000 kg
Lifting height - 2 m
Year of manufacture - 2016 year
Brand - BT
6500 € more information
Электрический штабелёр Linde L14 № 1313 Available

Linde L14

Load capacity - 1400 kg
Lifting height - 2.5 m
Year of manufacture - 2011 year
Brand - LINDE
6500 € more information
Электрический штабелёр Flexi № 839 Available


Load capacity - 1800 kg
Lifting height - 5.6 m
Year of manufacture - 1995 year
Brand - FLEXI
7000 € more information

Electric stackers are indispensable warehouse machinery for loading, unloading and goods stacking. Electric stacker will be ideal solution if you have several tires at your warehouse. With the help of the stacker it is easy to lift and lower heavy loads. At the same time, stackers can be used to transport (move) pallets with load across the territory at remote distances. If you have big turnover in your warehouse, if you need to unload and load dozens of trucks and wagons daily - electric stacker will be ideal solution for you. With its help you can easily unload (load) wagons or railway wagons if there is no ramp or trestle. Highest productivity of the machinery will allow you take away and store load, and make your work non-stop. Like any other machinery, stacker is designed to facilitate and reduce physical labor of personnel. It is easy quite to work with such machinery, it is only necessary to ensure a sufficient battery level for the autonomy of the device during the working shift.

Advantages of electric stacker • Decent efficiency and productivity. • Good maneuverability with a minimum turning radius. • Intuitive operation. • Increased accuracy. • Simplicity and cheap service. • Reliability and extended service life. Stackers of this type use the function of electric lifting. Operator does not need to make any effort to lift and move the pallets with the products. Operator does not need a permission to operate this type of machinery.

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